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5th Generation Supersoldier explains Quantum Access Programs (Jerusha P1)

5th Generation Supersoldier explains Quantum Access Programs (Jerusha P1)

This episode’s going to be a wild one…

In this week’s episode of Discovering Truth, I’m joined by our guest, Jerusha. She joins us to tell her story of government projects, time travel, Montauk, and with the secret space program. Join us as we unravel and discover more truths.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jerusha’s childhood and government projects
  • DNA and essence
  • AI trickery
  • Growing up in Montauk
  • Quantum access programs
  • The Centurion Program
  • Star programming
  • Brainwashing in Montauk
  • Cosmic factions
  • Deep dive into time travel
  • and more…

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