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Abducted, Cloned, Programmed, and Sent to Ceres: Tony Rodrigues Part 1

Abducted, Cloned, Programmed, and Sent to Ceres: Tony Rodrigues Part 1

Welcome Back to the Podcast!

This is the OFFICIAL relaunch of Discovering Truth with Dan Duval. After over a year off, Dan Duval is back, and with a whole lot of NEW things to be excited about. In the announcements you will learn:

  • Dylan Duval, Daniel’s son, is healthy and happy
  • The podcast is no longer an outreach of Bride Ministries and has been completely separated from the ministry after the board of Bride Ministries took a vote to do so a few months ago.
  • Now that the podcast is in the full custody of Dan Duval, it will open more freedom of speech, particularly in current events and politics, which will be necessary for the purposes of the podcast going forward. The podcast home has moved to
  • To assist in covering the costs of the podcast, new opportunities have been made available, such as the ability to become a podcast patron for as little as $5.00/month. Patrons get all kinds of perks, including merchandise discounts and early access to podcasts!
  • Merchandise is now also available for purchase at, the new home of the Discovering Truth Network. You can get HIGH QUALITY shirts, mugs, handbags, and all kinds of other items either for yourself or your friends. This will also support the podcast.
  • The other NEW Offering is the Overcomer Accelerated project. You can get more details and sign up for more information at

As for today’s podcast, get ready for a wild ride. Dan Duval is joined by Tony Rodrigues. Tony is the author of Ceres Colony Cavalier, where he discusses his memories of his 20 and back mission. His story includes an expose on government projects, SRA, human trafficking, and the secret space program. Prepare to hear Tony discuss the following:

  • Events leading up to memory recall
  • Navigating the journey of reconciling his known life with the new memories he recovered
  • How the 20 and back affected his life
  • How he was recruited into the 20 and back project
  • Cloning technologies
  • Programming at Inyokern California
  • SRA
  • The moon
  • AND More!

You can find Tony’s book at Ceres Colony Cavalier: A True Account Of One Man’s Twenty Year Abduction: Rodrigues, Tony, Kenner, Jackie, Salla, Dr. Michael: 9798793410854: Books

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