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CRISPR Baby Initiated Through Pre-Conception Time-Travel Tells All Part 1


Prepare for a riveting journey as we traverse through Kate’s awe-inspiring and somewhat haunting journey of discovery, truth, and survival.

Step into her world as she bravely unfolds her story, revealing a past riddled with trauma and manipulation, and her path towards healing through faith, and resilience.
We delve deep into encounters with shape-shifters, Nephilim, and time-travel missions.


As we uncover the darker shades of Kate’s past, we hear about her terrifying encounters with the demonic realm, her experiences with pre-birth trauma and the healing power of faith.

The conversation takes a shocking turn as she reveals her experiences with world leaders involved in ritual abuse and trafficking. This rollercoaster of an episode concludes with a cliffhanger, leaving you on the edge of your seat, hungry for deeper insight into Kate’s truth-uncovering journey.


Covered in this episode:


  • Shape-shifting and Nephilim
  • Escaping Abuse and Setting Boundaries
  • Battling Demonic Influence and Family Drama
  • Revelations and Protection From Human Persecutors
  • Pre-Birth Trauma, Healing, and Supernatural Experiences
  • Leaders Involved in Ritual Abuse and Trafficking
  • Reptilians, and the Montauk Project
  • And much more


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