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CRISPR Baby Initiated Through Pre-Conception Time-Travel Tells All Part 2


We’ve got a heart-stopping episode in store for you. Brace yourself as we plunge into the story of our guest, Kate, who unveils her gripping tale of survival. 

Swapped into a foster family, subjected to horrifying rituals, and part of a clandestine super-soldier program, Kate’s experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Together, we’ll spotlight the gene editing process she underwent, her father’s role in Black Ops Military Operations, and the profound impact of her Jewish heritage on her ordeal.

Kate continues her story, revealing more shocking truths. She discusses her military connections, the connection to the Skull and Bones secret society, and the implications of George W. Bush’s influence on her placement in Operation Armageddon. If you’re able to stomach it, join us as we dive into the gruesome dark rituals, sacrifices, and the sinister tactics of Freemasonry she was subjected to.


This podcast comes with a TRIGGER WARNING.


Covered in this episode:

  • Kate’s True Identity and Jewish Heritage
  • Uncovering the Super Soldier Spy Plan
  • Dark Rituals, Sacrifice, and Freemasonry 
  • Discovering Childhood Trauma and Abuse
  • Childhood Programming
  • Manipulative Teachings in Christianity 
  • Discovering Ancestry and Uncovering Dark Forces
  • And much more


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