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CRISPR Baby Initiated Through Pre-Conception Time-travel Tells All Part 4

Time Travel, Ancient Civilizations, and Divine Glory: Kate’s Extraordinary Journey!

Kate shared her story of being taken back in time to experience ancient civilizations like Tartaria before her conception. 

She describes being trained under figures like Himmler in Nazi Germany and learning military tactics from the Russians.

She talks about how her essence was traded in the kingdom of darkness and used to power up Lucifer’s star. She experienced physical manifestations like back pain from injuries sustained during her pre-conception training.

Kate also discusses developing a friendship with an osteopath, whom she later realized was a CIA agent sent to harm her. They had spiritual battles during therapy sessions. She learned the osteopath was actually manifesting as a Thunderbird in the spirit realm.

This is the fourth installment of Kate’s journey!

Covered in this episode:

  • Time travel, pre-birth experiences, and the kingdom of darkness
  • Spiritual fractals and healing 
  • Essence  trading in the kingdom of darkness. 
  • Spiritual deliverance and the kingdom of darkness 
  • Physical pain, spiritual warfare, and time travel. 
  • Diving, mermaid forms, and curses 
  • Secret societies
  • Spiritual warfare and personal growth
  • Supernatural abilities and their origins 
  • Intergenerational trauma
  • Spiritual awakening and trauma healing
  • Developing a friendship and faith in Yeshua 
  • Spiritual warfare, demonic encounters, and witchcraft 
  • And much more

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