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Dan Duval and Svali Part 2 Jesuits, Kings of the Earth, and Antichrist

 Escaping the Shadows: Svali’s Journey Through Jesuit Mind Control and Ritual Abuse

Svali shares her experience surviving mind control and ritual abuse as part of the Jesuit order. Dan Duval and Svali discussed Satan’s influence in cults and how he deceives people into thinking he has more power than God. They emphasised putting one’s trust in God, who has already won the victory over evil.

Svali described direct encounters she had with Satan while in a cult, including rituals where she witnessed him interacting with world leaders.

The Jesuit order is believed to have infiltrated and influenced many occult groups and secret societies worldwide over centuries through tactics like training the children of royalty.

Shape-shifting abilities were said to have been passed down through certain ethnic groups and then taught to Jesuits. Advanced healing technologies and programming methods using technologies like AI were also discussed.

The complex Alice in Wonderland programming template was explained in detail along with its symbols and role in manipulating memories across multiple cult personas.


Svali has a new book called “Never Give Up” available on Amazon.This book aims to educate therapists and the public on the realities of mind control.


Never Give Up: The Autobiography of a Survivor of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: speaks, svali: 9798878796248: Books

Covered in this episode:

  • Svali’s new book.
  • Satan and fear vs. trust in God. 
  • Satan’s influence in cults and leadership. 
  • Jesus’ throne and the role of the Body of Christ. 
  • Jesuit Order infiltration and occult societies. 
  • The Jesuit Order’s Occult Activities 
  • Shape-shifting and occultic power in Navajo culture. 
  • Supernatural abilities and the Antichrist.
  • Demonic possession and hybrid children. 
  • AI, healing technologies, and cult programming.
  • Secret societies and spiritual technologies.
  • Ascended Masters and Christianity. 
  • Alice in Wonderland programming and its symbolism.
  • Ritual abuse and mind control survival with a former programmer.
  • And much more

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