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Dan Duval interviewed on Blurry Creatures Podcast

Dan Duval interviewed on Blurry Creatures Podcast

Let’s turn the tables!

Today’s episode is a repost of a recent appearance by Dan Duval on the Blurry Creatures podcast. The conversation focuses on his experiences with the unknown & unnatural and speaking with people who’ve also faced those familiar situations.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Dan’s advocacy for individuals with unorthodox experiences
  • Bigfoot and rituals
  • DNA in shapeshifting
  • Alien abductions of specific bloodlines
  • Factions in bloodlines
  • Relevant Bible passages and bloodlines
  • Faith in Christianity
  • Symbolism of the veil
  • Portals to other worlds
  • Angelic activity
  • Egyptian God Horus
  • Draco reptilians 
  • Shapeshifting species
  • Dan’s theoretical conversation between him and himself from 10 years ago
  • The weirdest thing Dan has seen
  • The most significant thing Dan has learned about God
  • Illusion of safety

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