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Dan Duval preaches in Ermelo, SA: Prayer Mapping and Territorial Warfare

Get ready to experience the powerful opening to Dan Duval’s conference in Ermelo, South Africa…


On this episode of Discovering Truth, you will watch the recording of the first night of a ground breaking conference with Dan Duval in Ermelo, South Africa. Dan recounts the process of prayer mapping and the territorial prayer work that was done. He shares the miraculous encounters that led to an opportunity to bring redemption to the source of a major river. He also leads the people in a corporate renunciation of territorial powers.


In this episode, Dan discusses:

  • The Garden of God: Eden
  • Territorial warfare
  • Soul hunting
  • The Spirit World
  • Redeeming a river
  • The Lord Jesus cleansing His people
  • Renouncing Irmin, Lucifer, Leviathan and Odin
  • Deliverance of the land
  • And more…


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