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Dissociation, Alternate Personalities, and Attachment Styles with Dianne Poore

Not everyone experiences relationships the same…

Get ready to meet a new face this week. Diane Poore is a Coach who has been with the Bride Ministries platform for a number of years. She has a deep knowledge, both from study and personal breakthrough, on the subject of attachment theory. In today’s podcast, we’ll be talking about the concept of attachment, the varying attachment styles, and the complexity behind the way we experience relationships

.This podcast will take a deep dive into the following areas:

  • Attachment theory and Dianne’s personal testimony
  • Different attachment styles 
  • Object permanence in regards to attachment
  • Object Constancy 
  • Developmental issues 
  • Narcissistic behavior
  • Dissociation and how alternate personalities will have different attachment styles
  • And so much more!

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