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I saw Biden at Rituals Overseeing Mind Control Programming featuring Hope

Get ready for information that probably won’t come as a surprise!

This podcast comes with a trigger warning. I’m joined by an old friend of mine and old guests. She is a survivor of Illuminati programming.  She has done a number of podcasts with me, and you can find them on YouTube, blog talk radio, and iTunes. Her name is Hope

She has discussed the programming of underground bases, the genetics of the Illuminati, and more. We did a widely shared interview a few years ago called “Why They Say Epstein is Dead – What They don’t Want you to Know. She is a hero, in my opinion. She is returning to give us more hope!


In this episode, we discuss the following:


  • Joint rituals and NASA facilities
  • Epstein and the political realm.
  • Election and the Nashville bombing.
  • Trump’s presidency and the aftermath.
  • The corporate ritual in New York.
  • Dressing up to look like Christians.
  • Biden’s clone
  • The New World Order.
  • Vaccine agenda and mass hysteria
  • Underground tunnels, real rituals,  torture and genetic testing.
  • The importance of deprogramming people in power.


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