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Introducing Pummel the Devil

Dan introduces his new book, “Pummel the Devil” and provides a few updates on his personal life.

He discusses the recent birth of his daughter, and adjusting to the new normal. He also spends some time reviewing his journey as an author.


His book “Pummel the Devil” is about spiritual warfare and confronting the devil. Dan talks about how some Christian teachings have left people disempowered and afraid of the devil, which is a major problem his new book seeks to correct. 


This book works as an amazing companion to his Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth collection and serves as a powerful foundation for effective spiritual warfare.

Covered in this episode:

  • Newborn daughter, book updates, and personal growth.
  • Spiritual warfare and misconceptions about God’s will. 
  • Aligning heaven and earth through spiritual warfare. 
  • Spiritual armor and offensive tactics in warfare. 
  • The true meaning of the Kingdom of God.
  • Mind control, government projects, and spirituality. 
  • Spiritual warfare and the use of God’s Word as a weapon.
  • And much more


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