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Introducing the Deliverance of Land Prayer with Dan Duval and Alex Valero

Dan Duval and Alex Valero sit down for a frank conversation on creation!

This is a special episode of Discovering Truth where Dan is being interviewed in the studio by Alex Valero. They get together to discuss a new prayer that Dan Duval has recently released publicly called the Deliverance of Land Prayer. With humor and insight, they dive into a deep and intriguing conversation that will leave you wanting more. The prayer can be found at Deliverance of the Land Prayer – Bride Ministries International (

This podcast also serves as a first introduction to Alex’s recording studio, and what will ultimately lead to his own podcast titled “After His Heart with Alex Valero”.


You will enjoy the following conversation points:

  •  Why creation matters to God
  •  Why creation can be defiled by iniquity
  • The truth of elementals from a Christian perspective
  •  How believers can step into a role of advocacy for land and why it is important
  • The sentience of creation
  • And much more!


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