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What People Say

Love this podcast!
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Dan Duval is my people! Fringe but divinvely inspired and mandated by God. It's truly an adventure full of new things to learn.
Jeremiah ben Jonah
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Thank you Brother! I have benefitted greatly from how you serve the Kingdom of YeHoVah and Yeshua. Let the living water keep flowing. HalleluYah!
A. Tay
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Dan, I cannot put into words how you have strengthened my faith and my spirit. Thank you for your wise words and guidance. I have never felt so much peace. God bless you!!
Master Class in the Supernatural
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If you're hungry for the MORE of God, LIsten to these podcasts!! Wow!! You'll hear humility, hunger for Truth, deliverance, victory, and Father God getting more famous! From things you've never heard about to the deep things of God, you'll invest...
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