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Protecting Children from Predators with John DiGirolamo


Protecting Our Digital Futures: Safeguarding Children Online.

In this episode, John DiGirolamo sheds light on strategies for safeguarding children from online predators in today’s digital age. 

The discussion covers the tactics predators use, the impact of pornography on youth, and the importance of parental involvement in ensuring online safety. From monitoring children’s online activities to fostering open dialogue.

John provides practical advice for parents navigating the complexities of internet safety.

Covered in this episode:

  • Internet safety for children and teens. 
  • Online predators and pornography’s impact on youth. 
  • Childhood sexualization and online predators.
  • Parental controls and child safety in the digital age. 
  • Parenting in blended families with a focus on biblical values and strong marriages. 
  • Online predators and child exploitation. 
  • Parenting, safety, and technology in today’s society. 
  • Internet safety for parents and children.
  • And much more

John DiGirolamo Book – It’s Not About the Predator: A Parent’s Guide to Internet & Social Media Safety

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