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Sue Ford (Esther) and Dan Duval Part 4 Mengele, Pope, Mind Control (16+)

WARNING! GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF ATROCITIES WILL BE INCLUDED IN THIS PODCAST! Esther, and the things she will be describing, will not be appropriate for young children. 


Join us as Esther continues to share her story of surviving MK Ultra and Project Monarch programs. Dark secrets are revealed about mind control slavery, eugenics experiments, and Mengele experimenting on twins to achieve immortality.

Esther shares being experimented on by Mengele, which involved physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.Traumatic childhood memories are discussed, including memories involving the Pope.

Esther walks us through her memories in the fashion in which they were recovered, highlighting the involvement of Jesus Christ in the healing process.

The horrific reality of secret organ harvesting factories is exposed, where live babies are slaughtered for their organs.

Esther, discusses how her grandmother also knew Mengele personally, and was involved in programming Esther and their twin sister with pins and drugs. Near-death experiences and demonic oppression are discussed.

The difficult realities of the dark world of Mind Control are exposed by the light of Jesus Christ, and in this podcast, the absolute supremacy of the finished work of Jesus Christ and the power of his kingdom are revealed.


Covered in this episode:

  • MK Ultra and Project Monarch survivor’s experiences as a hidden twin. 
  • Secret experiments and mind control on children.
  • Traumatic events from childhood, including abuse and dissociation. 
  • Healing through faith. 
  • Secret baby organ harvesting factories.
  • Josef Mengele 
  • Crimes of a former Pope
  • Near-death experiences and demonic oppression.
  • Healing and recovery through Jesus with a focus on memories and trauma.
  • Jesus’ power to overcome mind control and depopulate Satan’s army. 
  • And much more

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