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Svali on Alice in Wonderland Programming and Mage Training


Trigger warning! The content of today’s podcast will be intense.

Svali joins Daniel for another epic interview to talk about mind control, and zero in on how the Jesuits use Alice in Wonderland programming as a control program. 


Svali shares personal experiences of being programmed and controlled through these means, while Dan Duval highlights the prevalence of mind control in society, particularly in politics, religion, and the media. 


Both emphasize the need for individuals to be aware of these tactics and seek healing and freedom from their grasp. They also discuss aspects of Svali’s mage training in the Jesuit order. Svali discusses how she interacted with Lord Shiva to create new mind control technologies which were perfected while she was still with the order.


Svali emphatically points to Jesus Christ as the ONLY solution. He is the only true threat to the powers of darkness that she was groomed by. He is the reason why she is alive to reveal these secrets.

Covered in this episode:


  • Svali’s Autobiography, cult experiences, and spiritual healing. 
  • Alice in Wonderland programming, including prenatal trauma and split personalities. 
  • Creating a fantasy world and controlling a child’s beliefs.
  • Controlling thoughts and beliefs in a virtual reality called Wonderland.
  • Demonic dimensions and trauma-based mind control. 
  • Spiritual healing and trusting God’s goodness despite past traumas. 
  • Dimensions, programming, and abuse in the Jesuit order. 
  • Occult libraries and demonic guardians. 
  • Spiritual warfare, demonic entities, and protection.
  • Demonic technology and its effects on humans. 
  • And much more

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