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Tara Rodas on Child Trafficking at the Border


Tara Rodas Blows the Whistle: A Federal Employee Speaks Out on Observing Government-Sponsored Child Trafficking at the Border”


This episode features an interview with Tara Rodas, a federal employee who blew the whistle on child trafficking happening with unaccompanied migrant children at the US-Mexico border. 


Tara shares her experience working for HHS and discovering that the government was handing children over to human traffickers and gang members without properly vetting the sponsors. She discusses the trauma suffered by children in detention centers, and the government’s willful ignorance of the abuse. She also reveals how she was retaliated against for reporting child trafficking cases. 


Dan challenges the broken system and lack of accountability. This important conversation sheds light on government corruption while bringing awareness to rescue efforts and the need for prayer.

Covered in this episode:


  • Government-funded child trafficking at the US-Mexico border.
  • Child sponsorship and trafficking in the US. 
  • US border patrol and child trafficking. 
  • Child trafficking and abuse, with a focus on the DHS whistleblower Aaron Stephenson’s revelations. 
  • Child trafficking and government cover-up. 
  • Child trafficking and exploitation in the US, with stories of abuse and neglect. 
  • Trafficking of children by US government. 
  • The need for Christians to confront evil in society and rely on God for deliverance. 
  • Human trafficking and government policies with a call to action for change.
  • Addressing corruption and abuse in government agencies.
  • Government agencies, border control, and child trafficking. 
  • Human trafficking and government corruption.
  • Government-funded child trafficking and rescue efforts. 
  • And much more

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