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5th Generation Supersoldier on the UK, Time, Stargates and Wormholes Jerusha P5

Get ready to hear Jerusha go deeper on her experience as a 5th generation supersoldier, Stargates, wormholes, the UK, and underwater kingdoms factored into the “Time Wars” that are still ongoing today.

She spent time in the UK from ages 11 to 22 and was involved with elite groups connected to the Queen. Hear her describe being part of a “beehive” network controlled by the Queen.

She encountered antediluvian technology in caves in the UK that was connected to dragons, Anunnaki, and fuel cells. Places like Harrogate and Blackpool in the UK had portals, gates, and scalar weaponry that were used for time travel and missions.

She describes interactions with reptilian beings and fighting interdimensional entities as part of her missions. Time travel, cloning, soul consciousness transfer, and manipulated genetics were discussed as ways souls can be recycled and people can experience past lives.

Covered in this episode:

  • UK history and super soldier experiences
  • Spiritual revelations and personal experiences. 
  • Mind control, spiritual realms, and secret societies
  • Interdimensional beings and portals. 
  • Interdimensional beings and scalar weaponry 
  • Ancient kingdoms, spiritual battles, and dimensional breaches
  • Ancient technology and spirituality
  • Dragons and Anunnaki connections 
  • Stargates, DNA manipulation
  • Soul recycling, and spiritual warfare 
  • Soul consciousness transfer, and interdimensional beings 
  • Time travel, wormholes, and prophecy
  • Time wars 
  • Interdimensional beings, ancient artifacts
  • God’s sovereignty,
  • And much more


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