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Abducted, Cloned, Programmed, and Sent to Ceres Tony Rodriguez Part 2

Prepare for more jaw-dropping revelations!


In this week’s episode, we continue the conversation with guest speaker, Tony Rodrigues! He is the author of Ceres Colony Cavalier, which tells the incredible account of his 20 and back mission. In his last appearance, he left on a cliffhanger, but this show picks up right where the last one left off.


In this episode, we’ll be talking about:


  • How Tony got from the Moon to Mars
  • The dwarf planet Ceres and the Nazi colony there
  • Otherworldly beings
  • Military Missions on Mars
  • Anti-telephoning
  • Submarines that were retrofit as spacecraft
  • Time Travel
  • Blockchain currency on Ceres
  • 30 year war in the 1600s
  • And much more…


Be sure to check out his book Ceres Colony Cavalier

Ceres Colony Cavalier: A True Account Of One Man’s Twenty Year Abduction: Rodrigues, Tony, Kenner, Jackie, Salla, Dr. Michael: 9798793410854: Books


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