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Discovering Truth with Dan Duval

Age Regression, Evil Cosmic Programs, and a Marriage to Draco featuring Rivkah

Get ready for a wild ride!

This week you will meet Rivkah. She is a survivor of government projects, SRA, and the secret space program. She has never shared her story publicly and what she will be sharing in this week’s podcast is deep and profound. She has been working on her own healing and deliverance journey for over 5 years but engaged in several sessions with Dan Duval in the process, which will weave into her story. Prepare to hear Rivkah talk about:

  • Abduction by reptilians
  • Her journey to recovering memories
  • Multiple age regressions
  • The multidimensional nature of DNA
  • Evil Cosmic Programs
  • Marriage to the Draco Constellation
  • The Stickman Council
  • And so much more…

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