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Dan Duval and Cathy O’Brien on MKUltra, Conspiracy, and overcoming Mind Control

Mind control is a terrifying concept…

What happens when a government gains the capacity for worldwide mind control through trauma and various technologies? Joining us for this episode is guest speaker, Cathy O’Brien, shedding light on her experiences through mind control experiments conducted by the government called  through MK-Ultra and Project Monarch. She authored the ground-breaking book Trance-formation of America in the 1990’s, long before many people knew mind control existed. Listen to her discuss her experiences while under her own mind control and many of the shocking things that she learned through recovery. This episode is TOO HOT for YouTube, so you will find the video on our Rumble Channel.

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • Government mind control and the MK Ultra project
  • The depersonalization involved in mind control
  • Pierre Trudeau and the Catholic Church
  • Drug and Human Trafficking
  • The indomitable human spirit
  • Photographic memory 
  • Access Denied for Reasons of National Security 
  • Knowledge as defense

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