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Dan Duval and Lynz Piper-Loomis talk Aliens, Shapeshifting, and the Future of the Church


This episode of Lindsay Piper Loomis’ podcast features guest Dan Duval discussing topics related to aliens, UFOs, and the spiritual realm. Dan shares his nuanced perspective on aliens and argues that the subject is complex rather than simplistic. 

They discuss personal supernatural experiences and the reality of spiritual attacks. Dan connects biblical scriptures like Genesis 6 to modern concepts like genetic engineering and hybridization efforts by governments, military operations, and cult groups.  

Dan also talks about God’s judgement and auditing process, as well as the inner healing and deliverance work that his ministry offers survivors through coaching.


You can find Lynz and her podcast at Welcome | |


Covered in this episode:

  • Aliens, UFOs, and their origins, with a focus on nuanced perspectives and personal experiences. 
  • Hybrid agenda, spiritual realm, and biblical scriptures.
  • Nephilim, hybrid beings created by fallen angels.
  • Genetic modification and spiritual warfare. 
  • God’s judgement and auditing of churches and individuals. 
  • Inner healing and deliverance for survivors of trauma and abuse. 
  • And much more


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