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Dan Duval and Svali Part 1 – Fake Jesus and False Trinity

Faith Beyond Fear: Confronting Mind Control, Cult Programming, and Embracing Spiritual Healing

In this epic interview, Svali joins Dan Duval to share her experiences with the anti-Christian programming she underwent through the Jesuit Order. She discusses how False Trinity programming begins in the womb as part of the cult agenda to prevent people from turning to the True God.

In this interview you will also learn about how an internal “hell programming” system can be used to punish disobedience.

Svali speaks from experience, as one who was both programmed and involved in the programming of others. She shares how she eventually found freedom by facing her memories with support and choosing to submit to the true God despite her past. 

This discussion provides insight into how cults operate and highlights the power of Jesus to heal from even the deepest levels of abuse and programming.

Covered in this episode:


  • Fake Jesus Programming
  • Fake Trinity Programming
  • Programming in the womb
  • Cult Infiltration of Churches
  • Internal systems and worlds
  • Early childhood programming and its impact on faith 
  • Mind control and spiritual abuse in churches 
  • The Jesuit Order
  • Spiritual warfare and breaking free from mind control
  • Dante’s Inferno, the seven levels of hell, and hell programming
  • The healing power of Jesus Christ
  • And much more

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