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Essence, Death Programming, and Shining Ones (Journeying w Jan P9)

Essence, Death Programming, and Shining Ones (Journeying w Jan P9)

We’re back. Because the rest of this conversation is the best part!

We welcome back our guest speaker, Jan Bumgardner, to further discuss the abruptly concluded conversation about essence. A victim of satanic ritual abuse, government projects and background unlike any other, we talk more about essence, programming, shining ones, and more.

Get ready to hear about:

  • Jan’s discoveries regarding what happened with her essence
  • Essence and how it applies to preconception events and postconception events
  • Memories of the experimentation at a NASA facility
  • Float Tank
  • Neurotechnology
  • Programming 
  • Jan’s Shining One named Elizabeth
  • The Death queue
  • The power of Jesus Christ
  • and a lot more…

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