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Explaining Transitions in Bride Ministries Coaching

Dan Unveils Future Plans for Bride Ministries’ Coaching Program.

In this episode, Dan takes center stage, illuminating the path forward as he unveils plans for the evolution of the coaching program within the Bride Ministries organisation.

He discusses the history of the ministry and coaching efforts, challenges they have faced, and the new initiatives being implemented, which now focus on establishing an in-house coaching company. 

Covered in this episode:

  • Changes in the Bride Ministries coaching outreach. 
  • Evolution of Training and ministry approach
  • Scaling up a ministry to help more people. 
  • Improving coaching services
  • Centralising coaching services for better support. 
  • Revolutionising the support provided to the coaches that serve
  • Transitioning coaches and resources at Bride Ministries.

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