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Housing for Survivors of SRA and Trafficking with Deb Kluttz

Deb Kluttz and The Homestead

This episode will introduce you to Deb Kluttz who is the founder and Executive Director of a ministry called The Homestead, which provides long-term transitional care for female survivors of sex trafficking. Kluttz felt called to this work after attending a training in 2009 and learning about the lack of resources for survivors.

The Homestead addresses trauma, addiction, and mental health and provides career training to their ladies for 1-3 years. Kluttz opens up on the level of wickedness her survivors experienced and their need for long-term support. She explains the struggle to find adequate services for survivors of ritual abuse/SRA trauma. 

Kluttz shares about her own experiences learning about SRA and her commitment to walking out her calling despite the challenges. She and Daniel exchange observations on challenges with housing ministry with the objective of bringing understanding to the need and raising awareness.

The Homestead can be found at

Covered in this episode:

  • Human trafficking recovery work and its challenges. 
  • Trauma, addiction, and healing in a ministry setting.
  • Healing and deliverance for survivors of ritual abuse.
  • Providing support for survivors of human trafficking. 
  • Spiritual warfare and angelic intervention in a housing ministry. 
  • Spiritual warfare and SRA survivors’ experiences. 
  • The next move of God and frontline work. 
  • Deception in the church.
  • Trauma recovery ministry and its impact. 
  • And much more

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