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Mysteries of Frequency and Frequency Weapons with Celeste Solum

Unveiling the Dark Side of Synthetic Biology and Technology: An Examination of Energy Weapons, and the Power of Prayer!

 This episode takes a turn into the dark side of technology as we unravel the sinister intentions behind electroporation and laser technology. It’s chilling to think that they are being used to harvest electrons from human bodies, an unfathomable reality that Celeste courageously confronts. We also discuss the detrimental implications of energy weapons, presenting practical and effective ways to shield ourselves from these hazardous frequencies.

In these challenging times, we acknowledge the magnitude of our spiritual and physical lives. We stress the importance of reaching out and validating each other, reminding ourselves of the power of unity in Jesus’ name. 


In This Episode, Dan and Celeste discuss:

  • Understanding Weapons and Targeted Individuals
  • The throne room of God in Revelation,
  • The Power of Frequencies and Healing
  • Concerns About Energy Weapons
  • Technology and Demonic Harvesting
  • Technologies and Targeted Individuals
  • Balancing Negativity and Positivity
  • Manipulation of the creation
  • Redeeming the Elemental Kingdoms
  • Listening and Validating in Jesus’ Name
  • And many more…


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