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Overcoming Poverty and Abuse featuring Elizabeth Valero Part 2


Prepare for the second half of Alex and Elizabeth Valero, picking up when they met on social media and began talking.

They went on a date where Elizabeth opened up about her difficult past. Alex saw she was hurting and wanted to bless her. They began hanging out more as friends.

Alex currently serves as a coach with Bride Ministries and is the Associate Pastor of the Bride Ministries Church. Elizabeth is the Director of Live Events. This is their effort to open up and let you get to know them!

Covered in this episode:

  • Pregnancy, coaching, and pastoring with Dan Duval
  • Christian faith and personal struggles 
  • Spirituality and personal growth 
  • Spiritual encounters and personal stories 
  • Personal experiences and spiritual growth 
  • Phone records and confrontation with an ex
  • Past relationships and accusations. 
  • Rebuilding a friendship after a past relationship 
  • An unexpected church experience with friends 
  • A past relationship with a traumatic event
  • Spiritual work and prophecy 
  • Healing and marriage after surviving satanic ritual abuse 
  • And much more

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