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Pre-Adamic Revelations on the Spirit of Man Part 2

In this episode, Dan continues to speak to his developing  perspective on how events in the pre-Adamic realm, such as Lucifer’s fall and wars in heaven, still impact human spirits and lives today. He discusses Bible prophecy, stars, Revelation 12 symbolism, and other biblical concepts across dimensions and ages. 


Some of the key events examined include Lucifer’s trading of essence, differences between sin, transgression and iniquity passed down through generations, and the involvement of both loyal and rebellious human spirits. 

Dan explains why developing deliverance prayers to minister across dimensions and address the conflicts surrounding human spirit experiences in the pre-Adamic realm is currently happening. This approach to ministry is  bringing incredible freedom to people.


Covered in this episode:


  • Pre-Adamic civilization, intelligent life on Earth before Adam is placed in the Garden
  • Pre-Adamic reality, Lucifer, and walk-ins. 
  • Lucifer’s creation, fall, and spiritual significance.
  • Trading essence, life force, in pre-Adamic world.
  • Pre-Adamic civilization and Lucifer’s fall. 
  • Sin, transgression, and iniquity in biblical context. 
  • How iniquity is passed down through generations, affecting children’s dispositions and vulnerability to darkness.
  • Lucifer’s fall and rebellion in heaven, with references to Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Revelation. 
  • Biblical prophecy and stars representing destiny. 
  • Revelation 12 and its connections to Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Cycles and ages in biblical prophecy. 
  • Biblical symbolism of virgins, Israel, and Jesus as the new covenant. 
  • Pre-Adamic realm, Lucifer’s fall, and its impact on human spirits. 
  • And much more

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