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Sue Ford (Esther) and Dan Duval Part 1 Thanks for the Memories, Twins, and Hidden Ones

Esther and her experiences with advanced technology, UFOs, hybrid beings, and off-planet bases are part of her involvement at the highest levels!

This episode featured an interview between Dan Duval and Sue Ford, who now goes by Esther. 

Esther and Sue Ford are identical twins who were subjected to experiments by Josef Mengele. They were programmed to have “one mind” and would be swapped in and out of each other’s lives.

Esther spent time on underground bases in Antarctica and on a Rothschild slave farm as a child. She was also used in rituals with groups like the Jesuits.

Through their twinning programming, Esther would psychically send demons to Sue when she was trafficked to presidents, leaders, etc. This sets up a grid of mind control.

Sue Ford wrote the book Thanks for the Memories, but she did not know about Esther’s existence due to their programming. Esther is now living Sue’s life, while Sue’s current whereabouts and state are unknown.


Covered in this episode:

  • Twinning, MK Ultra, and government experiments with a survivor 
  • Childhood trauma and memories of abuse 
  • Monarch Project and Twinning
  • Spiritual warfare and evil bloodlines 
  • Secret societies, aliens, and demonic possession
  • UFOs, alien bodies, and demonic forces 
  • Demonic possession, programming, and spiritual warfare 
  • Spiritual healing and demonic manipulation 
  • Mind control and spiritual intervention 
  • Artificial intelligence and spiritual deliverance 
  • Spirituality, twin sister, and deliverance 
  • Spiritual awakening and freedom from oppression
  • And much more 


Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor (Author)


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