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Sue Ford (Esther) and Dan Duval Part 2 Hidden Ones and Underground Bases

Get prepared for another epic interview as Esther, the hidden twin sister of Sue Ford, shares details about her experiences at underground military bases, Antarctica, and other locations.

Esther, a survivor of trauma and mind control experiments, was genetically engineered and used from a young age in underground bases and for “star seeding” on other planets.


She describes horrific experiments involving cages of humans and creatures. The goal may be to unleash the creatures during an end-times scenario.

She recounts locations such as California, North Carolina, and Antarctica as locations of underground bases where she was imprisoned, tortured by Mengele, and used to interface with hybrids and aliens.

She also discloses experiences with Nazi/Fourth Reich influences and connections to leaders like Henry Kissinger who were deeply involved in ritual abuse and the global satanic agenda. 

Hidden ones” like Esther’s twin sister may still be imprisoned underground, and survivors need to pray for their rescue and freedom. Memories are crucial for complete healing and freedom from programming.

Esther hopes more survivors will come forward to collectively pray against the agenda to dethrone Satan and bring justice through exposing the truth.

Covered in this episode:

  • Underground bases and extraterrestrial life. 
  • Alien technology
  • Hidden twins, 
  • Fourth Reich
  • Spiritual warfare and obedience to God. 
  • Genetic Engineering. 
  • Demonic creatures and hybrids
  • Mind control
  • The New World Order
  • Healing from trauma and spiritual warfare.
  • And much more


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