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Sue Ford (Esther) and Dan Duval Part 3 Mengele, Rothchilds and Mind Control


This episode come with a TRIGGER WARNING. There will be graphic descriptions that are shared. Sue Ford (Esther) shares her experiences with Josef Mengele and MKUltra experiments.

Esther, being a twin, was subjected to Mengele’s torturous experiments and programming. 

She discusses classified projects, trauma-based mind control, and her spiritual recovery through Jesus Christ. 

Esther also advocates for exposing ongoing classified experiments and helping free millions of mind control victims.

Covered in this episode:

  • MK Ultra and Mengele’s experiments.
  • Secret experiments, torture, and spiritual recovery. 
  • Traumatic events and mind control. 
  • Secret societies, frequency weapons, and population control. 
  • Mind control, abuse, and treason.
  • Twins, programming, and NASA. 
  • Nazi experiments on twins
  • Near-death experiences  violence, and spiritual healing.
  • Spiritual healing and angelic intervention
  • Traumatic childhood experiences in Nazi camps. 
  • Mental health, abuse, and healing. 
  • Spiritual experiences and supernatural encounters.
  • Cosmic redemption and justice through Jesus’ sacrifice.
  • And much more

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