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Sue Ford (Esther) and Dan Duval Part 5 Area 51 and Wormwood


Surviving Childhood Torture and Encountering God’s Redemption.

This episode features Esther sharing memories from her time in government mind control programs and underground bases. She describes being taken to Area 51 as a child and experimented on. 


Esther also discusses “Project Wormwood,” where she was sent to other planets astrally and communicated with various entities. 

Esther goes into detail about her traumatic memories of torture as an infant and encounters with Jesus during near-death experiences. She emphasises that Jesus has helped her recover her memories to testify to His goodness and break free from her abusers’ control. 


Covered in this episode:

  • MK Ultra government-sponsored mind control 
  • Underground bases
  • Alien life forms in captivity. 
  • Area 51 and hybrid creatures
  • Project Wormwood. 
  • Remote viewing, astral travel, and demonic encounters
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Trauma and dissociated memories
  • Torture
  • Near-death experiences and spiritual encounters. 
  • Vivid recollection of the spiritual realm
  • The love of Jesus Christ
  • And much more


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