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Synthetic Biology, Artificial Intelligence and Future Humans with Celeste Solum

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In this episode of Discovering Truth with Dan Duval, we’re joined by guest Celeste Solum. She is an investigator, Author, and researcher, with a photojournalism background in both the military and government. In this episode, we’re digging deep to figure out what sorts of hijinks and dark events are happening around the world. We discuss transhumanism, biomimicry, nanotech, and more.

In This Episode, Dan and Celeste discuss:

  • The transhumanism agenda
  • Synthetic biology and DNA
  • Biomimicry
  • Cavitation
  • Nanotech in antarctica
  • Nanotechnology in the air and food.
  • Agenda of Athena
  • Zeno biology and the SARS construct.
  • The war on plastics and hydrogel membranes.
  • Terraforming and geoengineering
  • And many more…


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